Reserve Parking

A quick call can designate parking for large events or provide options for employee parking.

Reserve Event Parking

Corporate parties, customer receptions or business events often require group parking. It is easy to reserve a large number of parking spaces for special events. Call the City of Omaha Parking Division at 402-444-PARK for more information.

Monthly Parking

Monthly parking is available for individuals or corporate clients. To obtain a monthly parking permit, contact your Human Resources Department or the City of Omaha Parking Division at 402-444-PARK. Download, complete and return the monthly parking application form.

Current availability for monthly garages include:

Current availability for surface lots include:

Availability in city garages and lots changes periodically and you may not receive your parking preference. You can view this information on our map or download a list of all city parking locations.

Employee Parking

Instead of illegally plugging meters or risking a citation, employees of downtown businesses can take advantage of designated lots/garages for employees. Providing off-street parking options can potentially increase the availability of on-street parking for customers and contribute to the vitality of the Central Business District. For more information about employee parking, contact the City of Omaha Parking Division at 402-444-PARK.

Become a Park Omaha Partner

Share unused business or residential parking spaces through the City of Omaha’s Park Omaha Partners program. Spaces utilized through this program can provide additional economic opportunity while contributing to the greater good of the community. With various levels of participation, benefits to you as a partner may include signage, rate recommendations, City of Omaha trailblazing sign inclusion and listing on the Park Omaha website – for your space(s). Call 402-444-PARK for more information or to join the Park Omaha Partner program.

Meter Hoods

Meter hoods/bags can be used to reserve on-street (metered) parking for a variety of uses such as to accommodate large moving trucks, construction vehicles, repair workers, block parties, races or parades. For more information or to request meter hoods, the application is available on this page, or you can call the City of Omaha Parking Division at 402-444-PARK.