Parking lot savvy can help you avoid accidents and the “where did I park again?” moments.

Recent upgrades to equipment and safety measures in City of Omaha parking garages are designed to improve the security of vehicles and enhance the parking experience. However, if you notice an accident, theft or have an uneasy feeling about a city parking garage, just call 402-444-PARK. If it is an emergency, please call 911.

Here a few safety tips:

  • Be alert – constantly scan your surroundings, keep your ears alert to potential warnings and pay attention to other drivers, cyclists and people on foot.
  • Before you leave your vehicle, stow all valuable items and make sure all doors are locked and all windows are rolled all the way up.
  • Check common hiding spots – be wary of large vehicles parked next to your car and scan what’s in front of, under and inside you car as you approach it.
  • Lock your doors – immediately after you enter your vehicle, then buckle up and leave in a timely manner.

The City of Omaha is working to partner with owners of privately operated parking lots to increase the number of pubic parking spaces through the Park Omaha Partners program.  If you use a City or Partner lot/garage you can expect a positive parking experience.