New $2 flat rate & discount code

In order to provide a low-cost solution for employees, residents and customers, The City of Omaha Parking Division negotiated a special $2 flat rate at the Nebraska State Office Building – a Park Omaha Partner location located between 13 and 14 Streets and Howard St. The garage will open Fridays at 3 p.m. through Saturdays (with an attendant on duty). Cars must be moved by 8 a.m. weekdays.


“We are listening and responding to employee and resident concerns for garage parking options and are pleased to have a location not only for these groups but also for volunteers, residents and others who visit the downtown area,” said Kenneth Smith, parking division manager.


This garage provides an affordable option as downtown meter rates increase – slightly– and hours of operation become Monday through Saturday from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Sundays and holidays are still FREE.


Through a partnership with the Omaha Downtown Improvement District and Frontline Security, increased officer presence will be available for employees who work late evening shifts.


Coupon books are available for individuals who want to purchase parking at the Nebraska State Office Building. Parkers also can use the FREE Park Omaha app to pay for parking at this garage, as well as meters throughout downtown.


In addition to the special rate, Park Omaha is announcing a one-time sharable code for use with the Park Omaha app. Use 115115 and receive $2 of FREE parking. Individuals can share this code with co-workers, friends, family and customers. The code can be used to pay for a night of parking at the Nebraska State Office Building Garage.


“Our goal is to provide additional options for our citizens and to make it an easier transition into this new program,” said Smith.

The average rate increase is 50 cents per hour in the Old Market (which equals an additional $1.50 for a 3-hour stay); and 25 cents per hour in all other downtown areas. Rates for the 10-hour meters on the edges of downtown will remain the same.


The new rates will be:

  • 2-hour meters are currently $1/hour and will increase to $1.25/hour
  • 3-hour meters are currently $.75/hour (Old Market area) and will increase to $1.25/hour
  • 4-hour meters are currently $.50/hour and will increase to $.75/hour
  • Most 10-hour meters are currently $.25/hour and will increase to $.50/hour


Instead of worrying about carrying extra change, downtown visitors, employees and residents with Apple or Android smartphones can download the FREE Park Omaha application to pay for parking – at any meter. The app also allows individuals to load their account to pay for parking and receive additional FREE parking credits.