City Launches Park Omaha Partners Program

New meter rates and hours of operation in downtown Omaha create an opportunity to examine all available public parking spaces. As part of an effort to develop a comprehensive parking management system, the City of Omaha’s Parking Division launched the Park Omaha Partners program – a shared parking option.

Business and private garage or lot owners can “rent” their unused parking spaces to the public and be listed on a clearinghouse of available parking options on the Park Omaha website.

“We are pleased to announce one of the first new partners is the Nebraska State Garage at 1313 Harney Street and would like to thank Governor Pete Ricketts and his administration for partnering with Omaha to provide additional options for visitors and employees in Omaha’s downtown,” said Mayor Jean Stothert.

The State Garage will be open for public parking on weekends and after 5 p.m. on weeknights.

In addition to the State Garage, Landmark Garage (12th and Farnam St.) has formalized its partnership with the City of Omaha.

“The addition of the Landmark and State Garages provides more than 700 additional public parking spaces to the downtown area during the busy evening and weekend hours”, said Ken Smith, parking manager with the City of Omaha’s Parking Division. “It expands the network of parking spaces and helps provide low cost alternatives that will cost less than on-street parking.”

Interested businesses or lot owners can “apply” online to become partners. Park Omaha staff will review the information. Once approved, it is entered into the City’s GIS system and it appears as a “pin” on the interactive map on the Park Omaha website.

Omaha owns and operates about half of the downtown parking spaces. The Park Omaha Partners program helps provide additional parking spaces to the public that may have otherwise been unavailable. Signage, including bright blue “P”s will be installed as a visual trail for people as they travel downtown and look for available parking places. Park Omaha Partner facilities will have signage to indicate hours, price and security measures.

The Park Omaha Partners program officially begins Oct. 13 to coincide with the implementation of new parking meter rates and hours of operation.